The Team Cleveland Main Street Board of Directors is composed of representatives from Chamber of Commerce member businesses and organizations who work to improve the quality of life in downtown Cleveland:

Executive Committee
CHAIR Matty Bengloff
DESIGN Frances Janoush
PAST CHAIR Heather Robinson

Board of Directors
Amy Chudy - Cleveland School District
Matty Bengloff - Delta Meat Market & Delta Dairy
Frances Janoush - Cleveland Fresh
JP Land - BankPlus
Lauren Powell - Delta Arts Alliance
Zack Pinkerton - Planters Bank
Will Gates - C.P. House Gas
Amanda Robinson - Delta State University
Julianne Bailey - Norquist, Levingston, & Bailey PLLC
Allie Horne - Our Delta Table
Rosemary Bauer - Magnolia Proper
Daye Vaughn - Mississippi Grounds

Heather Robinson - Heidi's

Other ex-officio members serve from different organizations in the community to offer a well-rounded perspective on Team Cleveland decisions.